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The most electrifying, spellbinding, original, well-written, edge-of-your-seat crime-thriller novels
as attested to by readers and reviewers.
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Referencing Robert's three-book series (trilogy) and four-book series (tetralogy), each novel may be read independently of one another,
but for a more enjoyable rendering, it is often rewarding to follow an author in chronological order.

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Latest release is titled SNUFF STUFF: The Long Island Serial Killer Murders ~ and Beyond ~ THE SEQUEL

SNUFF STUFF: The Long Island Serial Killer Murders and Beyond is the sequel to The Long Island Serial Killer Murders ~ Gilgo Beach and Beyond.

The aftermath of Christopher Loeb having allegedly found a "snuff film" in Police Chief James C. Burke's duffel (party) bag is the inspiration for the continuation of this ongoing, true-life, multiple-murder saga. A nonfictional novel; i.e., New Journalism, laced together with indisputable supposition.












SNUFF STUFF: The Long Island Serial Killer Murders and Beyond

The Sequel

Twenty-three unsolved murders ranging from the Long Island beachfront communities of Gilgo Beach and Oak Beach to the hamlet of Manorville, and on to the homicides committed in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The hunt is on for the serial killer(s).

SNUFF STUFF is a "nonfiction novel" written in the genre of New Journalism, laced together with compelling supposition based on extensive research.

The aftermath of Christopher Loeb having allegedly found a snuff film in the duffel (party) bag he stole from former Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke's vehicle is the inspiration for the sequel to this ongoing multiple-murder mystery.


Based on one of the most notorious serial killer cases of our time, this work is a fictional / nonfictional accounting, synonymous with New Journalism.

Five stars. "Banfelder does it again! Riveting, insightful and loaded with suspense! The storytelling is classic yet unique in its way." Mark, Amazon verified purchase.

The novel covers a corrupt group of high-ranking police officials working within one of the largest law enforcement departments in the country; that is, the Suffolk County Police Department. The story shines a light upon a cast of discreditable characters, one of whom is currently under suspicion of murder as well as the unquestionable abuse of power. It is a true-life story of cover-up, conceit, and conspicuously bad behavior by a host of bad actors. It was simply a matter of connecting the dots to arrive at this terrifying conclusion.


A Story of Madness in the Making

First Novel in the Richard Geist Trilogy

"Only Earl Thompson's Garden of Sand has come as close to rendering the hands-on, unrelenting hurt and horror of a young American life." Wallace Markfield, author of To An Early Grave, Teitlebaum's Window, You Could Live If They Let You

"A marvelous novel, beautifully rounded structurally with unbroken suspense and its premise, ever present of tragedy. The style and wit are thoroughly fascinating, endlessly pleasing, and even awesome in power. I really savored the pathos and humor." Dr. Robert D. Crozier, Hemingway scholar


Second Novel in the Richard Geist Trilogy

Robert Redler & Liza Downs

"The Signing is fast paced and unpredictable. As a sequel to Dicky, Richard, and I (an excellent novel), new and old characters alike are influenced by the antics of the seemingly immortal, charismatic but mentally deranged, Richard Geist. Never would I have guessed how the ending unfolded, and I wanted the book to go on just a little longer in order to prolong the ending." Edward Fitch, avid reader


Third Novel in the Richard Geist Trilogy

Robert Redler & Liza Downs

THE TRIUMVIRATE is a tale concerning three powerful men who virtually control governments around the globe. On the fringe exists a notorious drug cartel on its way to becoming an empire, ruling across three continents. A mystery within a mystery begins to unfold, revealing well-guarded fifty-year-old secrets. Secrets to be kept at all cost. Secrets encompassing Adolf Hitler’s progeny.

“Another page turner by this amazing author! His books get better and better, and once I pick one up I can't put it down, although I find myself trying to savor it and make it last longer. I love the characters, Robert and Liza, they are so believable and relatable, yet they also have that lure of fantasy, that character that we all dream of being if we were in a dramatic situation. Banfelder always seems to surprise me with unexpected situations and story shifts. Just when I think I have the story figured out and think I know how it will play out, he throws in something new or completely different! A wonderful, gifted writer!” Candyce (Candy) Paparo, Director of Animal Training, Long Island Aquarium


First Novel in the Four-Book
Justin Barnes Series


"Outstanding! Unspeakable crimes, a thrilling chase and a mesmerizing plot. What more could you ask for?" Mark Reid, Editor, NewBookReviews.org

"A nail-biting, anxiety producing romp with death! Banfelder is a student of the criminal mind. Extremely original ... You should go out of your way to read The Author."
Regan Batuello, The News-Review & Suffolk Times


Second Novel in the
Justin Barnes Series


"As a forensic psychologist specializing in psychopathy, I have been researching authors who write fiction in the field of forensic psychology. I am impressed with Banfelder's well-researched, credible, and unique plots regarding the criminal mind. The Teacher was an easy, enjoyable read. The author painted an excellent picture of a psychopath through Clarence Emery. I noticed quite a few subtleties such as his inability to be nervous, always in control, and establishing relationships only for secondary gain. Bravo. It is always nice to see the field advanced." - Dr. Jason D. Dunham, Licensed Psychologist, Fellowship Trained in Forensic Psychology

"This masterful storyteller has written a fantastic and terrifying tale about evil and what it takes to stop it! Banfelder has written another winner." Mark Reid, editor, NewBookReviews.org


Third Novel in the
Justin Barnes Series

Covert operative Justin Barnes is back with Suffolk County, Long Island Homicide to solve a string of gruesome murders.

"Robert Banfelder has captured the true essence and criminal profile of the serial killer. This book is very fast-paced and difficult to put down. As a professional in the field of forensic anthropology and cultural anthropology, I can see the amount of research that goes into all of his novels. His writing style makes reading all of his novels a great adventure. He is a master of his craft!" Linda Chase, Forensic Anthropologist


Fourth Novel in the
Justin Barnes Series

Robert Redler & Liza Downs

"One of the best crime thrillers I have read in a long time." Russell F. Moran, Esquire, author of The Time Magnet Series, Matt Blake Legal Series. NONFCTION: Justice in America: How It Works - How It Fails, The APT Principle


A fictional / factual accounting inspired by the
Robert Shulman Serial Killer Trial, Riverhead, Long Island, New York.

Robert Redler

“As one grisly murder after another is revealed, the reader desperately tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together. New twists and revelations turn each deduction on its ear as you try to keep pace with the detectives reconstructing scenarios in order to bring their investigation to a challenge-proof conclusion. Banfelder, who stoically followed the real Robert Shulman serial murders before, during and after the trial, shrewdly connects the dots through Robert Redler, an author and investigative reporter with an eye for truth and justice.” Donna Gestri, author of For Jennie ~ Time Takes No Time ~ Sweet Figs, Bitter Greens


A fictional / factual accounting inspired by and based on the murder trial of Sylvia Flynn, Brick Township, New Jersey.

Battered is a "roman à clef" account; that is, a true-life story blanketed within the façade of fiction. This narrative of a physically abused woman was inspired by her murder trial. The progression chronicles police incompetency and prevarication, homicide, surrender, grand jury hearing, murder trial, sentencing, incarceration, pen pal prison-life correspondence (with yours truly), and Caitlin Fitzgerald’s [pseudonym] subsequent release from prison after 15 years.

"As a retired police officer/detective and also an attorney, I am familiar with the criminal justice system. I know that the system is not always prefect. This is a story about a battered woman who ends the cycle of domestic violence by shooting her abusive husband 5 times and then turns herself into the police, expecting a fair trial and a fair sentence. She gets neither. The story is written, in part, by a woman who is a victim of domestic violence, a victim of a failed criminal justice system, and the victim of a failed penal system. She will tell you her story in her own words, and it is a story worth listening to." ~ avid reader


GOURMET COOKING WITH CONFIDENCE is a Comprehensive Guide for Both the Beginner and Veteran Cook. 57 Outstanding Recipes Plus Budget-Friendly Tools and Equipment for making life easier in the kitchen. A special bonus section on traditional Asian fare will introduce you to some of the world's most popular recipes from China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.


ON YOUR WAY TO GOURMET COOKING is a Unique Guide for Both the Beginner and Veteran Cook ~ 50 Outstanding Recipes ~ Low-Cost Equipment ~ Savvy & Savory Tips ~ Color Photos ~ Including Relevant Excerpts from Robert Banfelder's Award-Winning Fiction & Nonfiction.


"For years, writer Bob Banfelder has helped so many anglers with his wisdom about the sport."
Lefty Kreh, International master fly fisherman, instructor, photographer, book author

"Bob Banfelder has a sure winner with his newest book, "The Fishing Smart Anywhere Handbook for Salt Water & Fresh Water." The book is not only an outstanding primer for fishing and other related outdoor activities, but a useful guide for seasoned practitioners. Banfelder offers an interesting and insightful perspective on how to enjoy more fulfilling and rewarding time on the water. No matter your experience level, there are tips in this book that you will find extremely helpful." Angelo Peluso, Newspaper & magazine columnist, fly fisherman, photographer, lecturer, book author

THE NORTH AMERICAN SMALL & BIG GAME HUNTING SMART HANDBOOK with Bonus Feature ~ Hunting Africa's & Australia's Most Dangerous Game

For Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Hunters.
Concise yet Comprehensive.


Reading & Creating Signposts

Types of Treestands

Bowhunting: compound bows, arrows, broadheads; crossbows (traditional & reverse-draw technology)

Gun Hunting: handguns, slug guns, muzzleloaders, rifles

Hunting Blinds: manufactured & natural

Land Management: hinge-cutting, stealth food plots, frost seeding

Processing Your Deer: field dressing, skinning, butchering, packaging/preserving

The Ultimate Shooting Rest-Systems for Stability & Accuracy


Zeroing in Iron (Open) Sights Made Easy

Zeroing in Optics Made Easy: telescopic & holographic sights

Laser Sights as a Handgun Learning Tool

Ballistics & MOA (Minute of Angle) Clearly Explained

Everything You Will Need for the Shooting Range

Firearms: from precision air rifles to large calibers & heavy cartidges

Gun Cleaning & Care

Clothing, Footwear, Accessories

Beyond Whitetail Hunting: elk, moose, black bear, brown bear (grizzly)

Between Big & Small Game Hunting: wild boar, [including feral hogs & hybrids]

Small Game Hunting: rabbit, squirrel, opossum

Predator Hunting: bobcat, coyote, red fox, gray fox

Pest & Vermin Hunting: raccoon, groundhog [aka woodchuck], skunk, weasel, crow

Hunting Marsh Birds: rail, snipe, gallinule

Hunting Upland Birds: quail, woodcock, gray partridge, grouse, pheasant, turkey

Hunting Migratory Waterfowl: ducks, geese, brant (small maritime geese)

Gourmet Game Recipes

"This is a very well-written / easy-to-read handbook. Great true-life stories about the wild places on earth. Very fun and informative to read - a MUST buy! Kathy M., avid reader

"This is by far the best handbook on the subject. Concise yet all-inclusive." Linda Chase, Forensic Anthropologist, instructor, ardent target shooter

Bull's-Eye! The Smart Bowhunter's Handbook ~ Sage Advice on Crossbows, Compound Bow, Broadheads, Targets, Clothing & Gear with Bonus Feature: Bowfishing on a Budget

Award-winning outdoors writer and crime-thriller novelist Bob Banfelder pens his third book in the "Smart" outdoors series. Along with Bob's Fishing Smart Anywhere Handbook for Salt Water & Fresh Water as well as his North American Small & Big Game Hunting Smart Handbook, Bob's newest title Bull's-Eye! The Smart Bowhunter's Handbook provides insightful information on crossbows, compound bows, arrows and bolts, broadheads [2-, 3-, 4-blade fixed and expandable], targets, clothing and gear. Bob has done extensive research and field-testing—aimed at achieving field-point accuracy. A bonus segment on bowfishing paves a painless path to this most challenging sport.

THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO WRITING WELL AND GETTING PUBLISHED ~ Bonus Feature: Making Decent Dollars Writing ~ Plus Little-Known Reward-Reaping Benefits



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