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Looking to Have Your Book Professionally Published?

Professional, Private Tutoring ~
Writing Made Easy and Most Affordable

E-MAIL or call me: 631-369-3192. Leave a voicemail if I'm away from my desk, and I will call you back expeditiously.

Let me guide you through a complete non-intimidating step-by-step series of instruction. You will achieve writing confidence and the necessary skills in ten weeks—meeting just once a week for 1½ hours. My approach is unique. Written up as a “gifted college instructor,” I enjoyed a 98.8% effective rate referencing my students passing the CWAT (CUNY Writing Assessment Test). My credentials speak volumes: award-winning mystery/thriller novelist (nine novels to date), two nonfiction books referencing the great outdoors, over two hundred magazine and newspaper articles published covering a plethora of topics.

We will discuss your immediate need(s). My instruction will provide you with the necessary skills to write what you need to express, from the basics to beyond. For example, handing in a polished school assignment; writing a confident and comprehensive letter or query to the editor of a newspaper or magazine; perhaps drafting then writing a full-length novel or nonfiction book—seriously; or simply desiring an all-around grasp and appreciation of literature. You already know in what direction you wish to head. Stop wishing and start attaining your goal immediately. A skilled carpenter carries a box filled with specific tools to ply his trade. You will learn and have the necessary writing tools (skills) to achieve your goal. Knowledge is know-how; when properly applied, it becomes power. The power of the spoken or written word is the penultimate power. The finished polished product is the ultimate power.

If you are in need of the basics, we’ll start at the beginning and go on to learn the tricks of the trade. As one should “learn to boil water before learning to cook,” my instruction will begin with basic sentence structure presented in a unique, palatable, easy-to-understand format. Trust me; I hated grammar in the conventional way it was taught. Once you have the basics under your belt, we will chart an individualized course. I’ll have you at the top of your game in ten weeks. Professional private tutoring would normally cost twice as much. In 10 (ten) 1½ hour sessions, you will acquire the knowledge and skill necessary in executing the all-important mechanics of composing powerful prose: simple to sophisticated sentence structure, smooth syntax, organization, style, and literary techniques—the tricks of the trade.

Pay as you go per session:

$75 per 1½ hour session at our Riverhead residence (Donna will put up tea) or —

$115 per 1½ hour session at your desired location.
Above rate for areas from Wading River to Greenport on the North Fork; Center Moriches to Southampton on the South Fork. Outside the area, prices to be determined.

Additionally, you will be given appropriate printed materials related to your specific interests.

Having taught college English, related Composition Courses, and Creative Writing, my students had repeatedly said in sum and substance, "I have learned more in a single semester than I had in four years of high school.” I have designed a course that painlessly explains what you need to know to write clearly and effectively, and in just 10 weeks (15 hours). Everything is easy once you know how.

E-MAIL @: robertbanfelder@gmail.com or call me: 631-369-3192. Leave a voicemail if I'm away from my desk, and I will call you back expeditiously.