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Robert Banfelder grew up in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey, a rural community where he enjoyed hunting and fishing. Robert currently lives on the North Fork of Long Island with his lifelong partner, Donna, where they both enjoy outdoor adventures. He is the proud parent of Jason Robert Banfelder.

Robert graduated from Queens College with a BA in English, cum laude, and received his Masters in English; genre, Creative Writing, at the same institution. Robert also instructed college level classes in English, Creative Writing, as well as a myriad of Adult Education courses he designed.

As an investigative reporter for North Shore News, Robert wrote nine extensive editorials that decried the incarceration of a young man wrongly accused and convicted of a crime he did not commit. With the help of Robert’s articles, attorney Mark Baker of Barry Slotnick’s office, along with CBS News correspondent, Mike Taiibi, Richard Tchilinguirian’s conviction was overturned, and the man was released from prison. Robert also covered such high-profile personalities as John Gotti, Amy Fisher, O.J. Simpson, and Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, to name but a few.

The criminal mind has always been of fascination to Robert; hence, his first psychological thriller, No Stranger Than I, republished as Dicky, Richard, and I. The novel relates the story of an abused and battered child, Richard Geist, whose early experiences manifest themselves in veritably horrific ways. It is a narrative of insanity in its infancy, taking the reader through a labyrinth of twisted telling, revealed by the omniscient antagonist himself. The Signing and The Triumvirate complete the Richard Geist trilogy. The Justin Barnes four-book series consist of The Author, The Teacher, Knots, and The Good Samaritans. The Author and The Teacher were honored with being named Best Suspense Thrillers of the Year by NewBookReviews. Trace Evidence is inspired by the Long Island serial killer trial of Robert Shulman. Battered is based on the trial of an abused woman who murdered her husband, following her trial and incarceration.

An underlying motif in several of the author’s works is the New York State Death Penalty Law. Robert says, “After a quarter of a century, we finally got that law enacted, but no one has bothered to carry it to full fruition—not even after the defendant (who became fodder for and fleshed out in, Trace Evidence) was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death by lethal injection. Therefore, in essence, we do not have a death penalty law in this state. Period. Nor will we likely see anyone put to death for horrific crimes.” Subsequently, the New York State Death Penalty Law has been vacated; People vs. Stephen LaValle, June 24, 2004. The writer has very definite views on who should be executed in our land. Who? “Simply put—” says the author, “—people who murder with malice aforethought...not just beyond a reasonable doubt, for what is at all reasonable about doubt? How sure must we be of a defendant’s guilt? Jack Ruby sure; Colin Ferguson sure,” says Banfelder.

When asked if there were exceptions to his belief, the author stated, “You bet. There are always extenuating and mitigating circumstances. Sylvia Flynn, currently imprisoned at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility in Clinton, New Jersey, for murdering her husband, was both mentally and physically abused over the course of twenty years by the man. In point of fact, I am seeking clemency for the 70-year-old woman.”

Additionally, Robert shares his expertise on fishing in his book The Fishing Smart Anywhere Handbook for Salt Water & Fresh Water and hunting in his handbooks The North American Small & Big Game Hunting Smart Handbook ~ Bonus Feature: Hunting Africa's & Austalia's Most Dangerous Game, and Bull's-Eye! The Smart Bowhunter's Handbook. Robert also writes articles for various regional and national magazines such as Crossbow Magazine, The Fisherman, On The Water, New York Game & Fish, and Big Game Fishing Journal.

To read more about the author, and view his YouTube channel videos titled Special Interests with Bob & Donna, see YouTube Channel Videos ~ Special Interests with Bob & Donna

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