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Snuff Stuff: The Long Island Serial Killer Murders ~ The Sequel

Twenty-three unsolved serial homicides ranging from the Long Island beach communities of Gilgo Beach and Oak Beach to the hamlet of Manorville, and on to muders committed in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Are they somehow connected?

Snuff Stuff: The Long Island Serial Killer Murders ~ The Sequel is based on one of the most notorious serial killer cases of our time. This work is a nonfictional / fictional accounting, synonomous with New Journalism.

As the Long Island (LISK) case is an ongoing criminal investigation, several individuals presented in this book are under scrutiny. These individuals are, of course, presumed innocent until proven guilty. The aftermath of Christopher Loeb having allegedly found a snuff film in the duffel (party) bag he stole from former Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke's vehicle is the inspiration for the sequel to this ongoing multiple-murder mystery.

The Long Island Serial Killer Murders
Gilgo Beach and Beyond

The Long Island Serial Killer Murders ~ Gilgo Beach and Beyond is based on one of the most notorious serial killer cases of our time. This work is a nonfictional / fictional accounting, synonomous with New Journalism.

The novel covers a corrupt group of high-ranking police officials working within one of the largest law enforcement departments in the country; that is the Suffolk County Police Department. The story shines a light upon a cast of discreditable characters, one of whom is currently under suspicion of murder as well as unquestionable abuse of power. It is a true-life story of cover-up, conceit, and conspicuously bad behavior by a host of bad actors. It was simply a matter of connecting the dots to arrive at this terrifying conclusion.

Dicky, Richard, and I – The Signing – The Triumvirate

Dicky, Richard, and I

Dr. Geraldine Kammerman, Towers News.
Originally Released as No Stranger Than I by Hudson View Press
Dicky, Richard, and I is a psychological thriller detailing the metamorphosis of a young, abused, and battered child into that of a multiple murderer and personality. It is the depiction of a boy subjected to a curious mix of care and cruelty by his deranged mother. Magic, hypnosis and ventriloquism are the cogent symptoms that lead this young man to discover his divided selves. It is a compelling look at madness in the making.
The Signing
Sequel to Dicky, Richard, and I

The Signing is the sequel to Dicky, Richard, and I. A murderous cult is hellbent on creating chaos and the eventual collapse of our government. Richard Geist, the Inner Circle of Friends’ charismatic leader, has a hidden agenda no less ambitious than his followers’ goals. Geist wants control of award-winning author Robert Redler and the man’s extraordinary gift: insight into the writer’s alleged ability to predict the future that even Redler has trouble understanding and reconciling.

Robert Redler’s writing talents are certainly in demand, too. He is approached by an unassuming housewife who hires the wordsmith to pen and expose certain practices of a corrupt state government working hand in hand with the mafia. A contract is put on Barbara Giordano by a mafia boss for knowing too much. The murder attempt failed, and Barbara now wants an insurance policy that would save her life. Redler, through his uncanny writings, can provide that protection for her.

The brutal murders of district attorneys and all those associated with Redler’s past lead police from Queens and Suffolk counties to the author’s doorstep. The man’s relentless pursuit of justice through his writings, coupled with the murders of the men and women involved, give authorities ample yet questionable reason to suspect Redler as the killer. After realizing that he has been set up by Geist, the multiple murderer, Redler agrees to cooperate with law enforcement. A maze of intrigue ensues as the police vacillate between Redler’s uncertain guilt and supposed innocence: is he a suspect or savior? A lethal game of cat and mouse unfolds. Is Robert Redler actually Richard Geist’s accomplice and pawn? Is the author being falsely accused of crimes he did not commit? Has the award-winning writer actually tapped into a supernatural phenomenon with which to combat the forces of evil that surround him?

As there is no question of Richard Geist’s guilt and evil genius, Robert Redler’s gifted powers—a prodigy wielding no more than a pen—prove a worthy match with which to defeat the antagonist and his many followers in the penultimate hour. The Signing is the work and word of God, unveiled in the final chapter of Robert Redler’s explosive novel. To have presented the story in the form of nonfiction, which the writer scribed from the onset, would have proved improbable in the public’s mind—or so said Robert’s perspective publishers, all of them insisting that the tale, although apparently true, would never sell.

The Triumvirate

The Triumvirate, the sequel to The Signing, completing the trilogy, is a tale concerning three powerful men who virtually control governments around the globe. On the fringe exists a notorious drug cartel on its way to becoming an empire, ruling across three continents. A mystery within a mystery begins to unfold, revealing well-guarded fifty-year-old secrets. Secrets to be kept at all cost. Secrets encompassing Adolf Hitler’s progeny; the truth behind the Manhattan Project with regard to the experimentation of plutonium 239 on humans; the gospel respective to Nazi gold and its exploitation since World War II.

The Triumvirate is the story of a Long Island couple—Robert Redler (a writer and self-questioning clairvoyant) and his domestic partner, Liza Downs (an elementary school teacher) —who find themselves in the throes of evil, targeted for death.

The Triumvirate is an entangled web of love and loyalty, treachery and treason—a juxtaposition of the ordinary standing tall in the shadows of the extraordinary—the triumph of good over evil in the face of all-out adversity.

The Author – The Teacher – Knots – The Good Samaritans


The Author

Reviewed as "ANOTHER WINNER" Mark Reid, NewBookReviews.
The Author (prequel to The Teacher) introduces Justin Barnes as an ex drug and weapons runner. When two murders occur on Long Island, and another in Old Town, Maine, seasoned homicide detectives note certain similarities and come up with a bizarre motive for the killing spree. Is it possible that an eco-terrorist is punishing the people he deems responsible for environmental pollution by claiming the lives of their loved ones in retaliation? Even more compelling, it appears that factions within federal, state, and local governments are looking the other way while a Mafia don and his crew work the parameters of the case.

Ruthless, sadistic and vicious, serial killer Malcolm Columba is the author and architect of an operation that surreptitiously and safely places Bureau agents within the ranks of extremist groups around the globe.

As alien as the killer himself is the man who ultimately hunts him down. An unlikely vigilante with a vengeance, Justin Barnes searches unrelentingly for the madman in a race to the finish, ultimately destroying a sinister force hellbent on securing an encoded document that promises to imperil the supremacy of the United States.


The Teacher

Winner of "BEST SUSPENSE BOOK" Mark Reid, NewBookReviews.
In The Teacher (sequel to The Author), the American intelligence community is retooling, and so is the way in which Suffolk County's commanding officer of homicide, Detective Lieutenant Theodore Groche, conducts day-to-day business.

Earlier in time, covert operative, Justin Barnes, helped dismantle a global terrorist network and terminated its leader, serial killer Malcolm Columba. Two years have elapsed; Columba's protégé, serial murderer Clarence Emery, has surfaced. Whereas a faction of the feds initially felt compelled to overlook Columba’s plausible penchant for murder, Emery, known as The Teacher—a terrifying figure, often befriending before butchering his victims, up close and very personal—has every law enforcement agency in the country on high alert.

Sanctioned by a hierarchy shrouded in secrecy, Justin Barnes’ mission is to hunt down and terminate Clarence Emery. But who is hunting whom? Justin and his beautiful associate, Jacqueline Rubino, ultimately ask themselves.

Two women are found murdered at Pipes Cove in Greenport, Long Island, New York, which unquestionably has Emery's signature. Emery is quickly apprehended. Too quickly to satisfy Justin's sixth sense. And rightfully so. For no sooner than Emery is transferred to Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center on Ward's Island off Manhattan, the psychopath informs its director—Dr. Timothy Littleton—that he “won’t be staying long.” It gradually becomes crystal clear to the psychiatrist that the killer had planned his own capture and release. Littleton realizes that he has but little choice than to help Emery escape. Hence, the game of cat and mouse begins.

Clarence Emery can hardly wait to match wits with the black American maverick enforcer. Justin Barnes, in turn, obsesses on the moment when the madman and he will finally meet—face-to-face.


A Justin Barnes Novel
Sequel to the Award-Winning Novels The Teacher and The Author
Third Novel in the Award-Winning Series
Knots is inspired by two existing and closely related organizations: Clonaid, a human cloning company that has purportedly succeeded in cloning humans through groundbreaking DNA technology, and the Raëlian Movement, a religious sect that sees cloning as the pathway to immortality. The church (cult) was founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon. In Knots, Clonite is fashioned after Clonaid—a self-described human cloning company associated with the Raëlian Movement. The Reality Church is fashioned after the Raëlian cult.

Kalvin Matheson is an out-of-work insurance salesman who is obsessed with immortality and the hero worship of two notorious serial killers. The recent death of his twin brother, Alvin, sends Kalvin into depression. In his quest for immortality, Kalvin meets Reality Church's Bishop John, an affiliate of Clonite. Bishop John offers Kalvin a two-for-the-price-of-one deal, but the price runs steep for the promise of “everlasting life.”

Kalvin follows in the footsteps of his two serial-killer heroes, but with a subtle signature twist, utilizing intricate knots. Elated with his success in eluding police, along with acquiring certain victims’ assets through intricate insurance fraud schemes, the killings turn more bizarre.

Justin Barnes discovers that Kalvin’s murdering heroes were associated with Clonite. There are tenuous similarities between old crimes and the current crime scenes. Authorities must acquire Clonite’s well-guarded private client list, believing that the information will lead them to the killer. The suspect is ultimately brought in for questioning, and Kalvin reveals an astonishing truth that reflects his sickness of mind. Justin’s concern, shared with a faction of homicide’s Team Three unit, is that the deranged yet clever killer will be deemed insane and one day be set free to kill again.

The Good Samaritans
Sequel to Knots

Fourth Novel in the Award-Winning Justin Barnes Series.
Inspired by the private Bohemian Club, in Monte Rio, California, whose members include some of the most powerful men in the world: world leaders, business, financial and government giants.

The Good Samaritans centers around Sep Cramer, the leader of an influential and murderous cult. He is on a killing rampage along the eastern seaboard. When Justin Barnes is critically wounded by the madman, the police engage Robert Redler and Liza Downs, his soul mate, to assassinate Cramer at the prestigious Bohemian Club in California, where the serial killer is to be the keynote speaker at the club’s annual convention. The novel reintroduces the controversial couple from the author’s works: Dicky, Richard, and I, The Signing, The Triumvirate.

Trace Evidence

Trace Evidence is inspired by Long Island, New York’s first death penalty case in nearly a quarter century—the Robert Shulman serial killer trial—1998. On a daily basis, the author spent an unprecedented fifteen months following pretrial, jury selection, trial, and penalty–sentencing phase; lectured at Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center for the criminally insane, Ward’s Island, Manhattan [where Shulman had been evaluated]; then interviewed the head of Suffolk County Homicide, Detective Lieutenant John Gierasch, for the finishing fictional touches. Additionally, scores of folks connected to law enforcement and the courts assisted Robert Banfelder so as to build verisimilitude into this account.

On April 6, 1996, Robert Shulman was arrested in Hicksville, Long Island, New York for murdering and dismembering three women. Subsequently, Shulman was linked to the murder of two other women in Westchester, New York. After a lengthy trial, Shulman was convicted and sentenced to die by lethal injection; that is, before the Court of Appeals declared the New York State death penalty unconstitutional. Robert Shulman died in prison on April 13, 2006.

While remaining true to many of the facts referencing the Robert Shulman serial-killer trial in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, award-winning novelist Robert Banfelder brilliantly weaves his fictional account of murder and mayhem through the fabric of justice and injustices.

Trace Evidence is a story of murder, avarice and betrayal. Brothers Howard and Jeffrey Mills, both postal mail handlers, are initially suspects in the bludgeoning and dismembering murders of three prostitutes. Eventually, homicide detectives zero in on Howard as their primary target. An avalanche of forensic evidence leaves no doubt in anyone's mind that the women were killed in Howard’s one-room rental. In the words of the lead prosecuting attorney, “That room was a slaughterhouse.” But is Howard Mills the murderer? The defendant admits solely to the victims’ postmortem amputations. Extraordinary pressures are applied by the district attorney’s office for the police to quickly ensure a confession so as to deem Howard death penalty qualified. Suffolk County Homicide Detective Gary York misrepresents himself as an attorney who promises to help Howard by getting him into a mental hospital if he confesses; otherwise, life in prison without the possibility of parole versus the death penalty are the two alternatives presented to Mills. Howard accepts the offer but is left hanging in the wind at his arraignment, believing that he is legally well-represented. Howard Mills is found guilty and sentenced to die by lethal injection. Detective Gary York’s suspicions are raised that eventually point to another family member. The motive is money and invaluable properties—a veritable fortune if that person can successfully manipulate Howard into relinquishing his assets . . . sooner than later.


Based on a true story.

Caitlin Fitzgerald, pseudonym for my protagonist; inmate # 00G1442, Bedford Hills Correctional Facility: "People ask me if I'm sorry I shot and killed my husband, Jimmy. I am not sorry and I tell them that. Jim did so many bad things to me."

This work of fiction is an amalgamation of composite sketches concerning battered women whom I have interviewed at considerable length over the course of many years. Its fusion was additionally inspired by one battered-woman’s jury trial and her subsequent imprisonment for the shooting death of her husband. Therefore, this narrative is based both on fact and inspiration, a roman à clef, [a novel with a key]; that is, a thinly guised account of many actual events. The courtroom scenes are virtually written verbatim. My back-and-forth bimonthly (in this case meaning twice a month) correspondence with one female inmate over the course of several years is closely transcribed; albeit instances of Caitlin Fitzgerald’s (pseudonym) syntax have been altered for the sake of clarity. Too, all other names and locations have been changed for obvious reasons. This is a ‘real world’ (nonfictional) story framed as fiction. Be prepared to enter a dark world of spousal violence, courtroom drama, a prisoner’s life behind bars, and finally the woman’s so-called freedom—with a series of twists and turns. This narrative is as real as it gets.

The theme of this work is awareness: awareness of how the criminal courts work as well as how they fail; awareness of how various police departments work to build a case for the district attorney in lieu of endeavoring to ascertain truth; awareness of inept and corrupt law enforcement officers; awareness of how a criminal defense attorney misserved his client; awareness of the discretionary and unlimited powers of seated judges to rule on the admission or rejection as to what they themselves allow into evidence.

In essence, this is a story based on the frailties and failures of our criminal justice system. It is a story of supposed truths and half-truths, often concealed between the poles of outright prevarication and distortion. Firstly, it is a book about battered women and what they must do in order to free themselves from the chains of verbal, emotional and physical abuse; admittedly, easier said than done. Lastly, it is a book about one of our supposed freedoms; namely, the perversion of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution—our Freedom of Speech—for the Son of Sam law has prevented me, as well as anonymous sources cloaked within these pages, from telling this story as nonfiction.

Keep in mind that there have been trials of battered women who have shot and killed their sleeping husbands and beaten (pun intended) the case against them in criminal court. Such a singular yet sometimes defensible action falls within the parameters of the battered-spousal syndrome and goes to the state of mind of the defendant at the time of the event. A commonplace criminal defense attorney would be far out of his or her league to argue such a case before a jury, let alone a case of self-defense as it applies to this syndrome. The intricacies are complex. A litigator would have to educate then convincingly argue that defense before a judge and jury. The task becomes altogether challenging when a consummate prosecutor attacks the credibility of that syndrome as pure junk science. One must never lose sight of the fact that a court trial, be it civil or criminal, is a contest between two lawyers—period. Win or lose at all cost is the name of the game. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is at best a cliché that lies somewhere between the poles of guilt and innocence.



Sage Advice on Crossbows, Compound Bows, Broadheads, Target, Clothing & Gear


Bowfishing on a Budget

Award-winning outdoors writer and crime-thriller novelist Bob Banfelder pens his third book in the "Smart" outdoors series. Along with Bob's Fishing Smart Anywhere Handbook for Salt Water & Fresh Water as well as his North American Small & Big Game Hunting Smart Handbook, Bob's newest title Bull's-Eye! The Smart Bowhunter's Handbook provides insightful information on crossbows, compound bows, arrows and bolts, broadheads (both fixed and expandable), targets, clothing and gear. Bob has done extensive research and field-testing—aimed at achieving field-point accuracy. A bonus segment on bowfishing paves a painless path to this most challenging sport.

· Crossbow Broadhead/Vane Indexing: The Key to Virtually Achieving Field-Point Accuracy
· Important Information Regarding Crossbows, Broadheads & Arrow Scales
· Stating A Case For Soft & Hard Crossbow & Bolt Cases ~ Expandable (Mechanical) Broadhead Cases
· Stating A Case For Hard & Soft Compound Bow & Arrow Cases ~ Accessory Archery Case
· Targeting Compound & Crossbow Approved Targets ~ Buyer Beware Field Point & Broadhead Targets
· Selecting Hunting Clothing, Footwear, Bow Accessories For All Seasons
· Bowfishing On A Budget: For Beginners & Beyond
· Bowfishing Reels & Other Essentials · Rigging An Arrow For Bowfishing ~ ‘Switch-Out’ Extension-Connections
· Boats & Beauty Surrounding Bowfishing

Whether you are a seasoned bowhunter or new to the game, this book is a must read.

For Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Hunters
Concise Yet Comprehensive




Reading & Creating Signposts
Types of Treestands
Bowhunting: compound bows, arrows, broadheads; crossbows (traditional & reverse-draw technology)
Gun Hunting: handguns, slug guns, muzzleloaders, rifles
Hunting Blinds: manufactured & natural
Land Management: hinge-cutting, stealth food plots, frost seeding
Processing Deer: field dressing, skinning, butchering, packaging/preserving

The Ultimate Shooting Rest-Systems for Stability and Accuracy
Zeroing In Iron (Open) Sights Made Easy
Zeroing In Optics Made Easy: telescopic & holographic sights
Ballistics & MOA (Minute of Angle) Clearly Explained
Everything You Will Need For The Shooting Range
Firearms: from precision air rifles to high caliber cartridges
Gun Cleaning & Care
Clothing, Footwear & Accessories

Beyond Whitetail Hunting: elk, moose, black bear, brown bear (grizzly)
Between Big & Small Game Hunting: wild boar [including feral hogs & hybrids]
Small Game Hunting: rabbit, squirrel, opossum
Predator Hunting: bobcat, coyote, red fox, gray fox
Pest & Vermin Hunting: raccoon, groundhog [aka woodchuck], skunk, weasel, crow
Hunting Marsh Birds: rail, snipe, gallinule
Hunting Upland Birds: quail, woodcock, gray partridge, grouse, pheasant, turkey
Hunting Migratory Waterfowl: ducks, geese, brant (small maritime geese)
Gourmet Game Recipes



Meet big game hunters on safari—employing rifles and handguns—who have dispatched Africa’s and Australia's most dangerous big game animals. These adventurous men have generously contributed their stories and photographs for this handbook. Whatever your present level of proficiency, you will benefit from their extensive experiences and vast knowledge of heavy calibers, cartridges, big game, bullet designs, and firearms.

elephant ~ rhinoceros ~ hippopotamus ~ Cape buffalo ~ lion ~ leopard

banteng ~ water buffalo


Ranging from saltwater/freshwater spin casting, bait casting and fly-fishing; clamming and crabbing; kayaking and canoeing; to preparing fabulous fare, the award-winning author and his companion, Donna, embrace a myriad of outdoor activities with know-how and gusto.

Employing the KISS principle (Keep It Simple System) throughout the book, the author goes on to dispel the myth and clear away the cobwebs covering the alleged arcane art of fly casting, fly-fishing, and fly tying. This unparalleled handbook is a concise yet all-encompassing publication.

"For years, writer Bob Banfelder has helped so many anglers with his wisdom about the sport." ~ Lefty Kreh, International master fly fisherman, instructor, photographer, book author.

"Bob Banfelder has a sure winner with his newest book, The Fishing Smart Anywhere Handbook for Salt Water & Fresh Water. The book is not only an outstanding primer for fishing and other related outdoor activities, but a useful guide for seasoned practitioners. Banfelder offers an interesting and insightful perspective on how to enjoy more fulfilling and rewarding time on the water. No matter your experience level, there are tips in this book that you will find extremely helpful." ~ Angelo Peluso, Newspaper & magazine columnist, fly fisherman, photographer, lecturer, book author.

Written in an informative, entertaining and often humorous fashion, this how-to handbook cuts to the chase by immediately introducing and instructing newcomers and their families to what many folks soon discover will lead to a lifetime filled with enjoyable and rewarding adventures. Not only shall the novice save time, considerable monies, and untold aggravation, the more advanced outdoors enthusiast will benefit from many innovative techniques. Too, this book stands alone in that the award-winning author and Donna, daily live, sleep, breathe and share their on-the-water experiences. Having spent twenty-five years on the Peconic River and its bays, Bob and Donna (praised as the “Best writing and fishing tag-team on Long Island,” says Angelo Peluso—outdoors author, columnist and avid fisherman) have made the East End of Long Island their playground. Bob and Donna invite you to join them on their continual journey. Living the good life is yours for the taking. Dining with the couple at day’s end is truly a delight.

FISHING SALT AND FRESH WATER ~ Spin Casting, Bait Casting, Fly Casting: Rods, Reels, Lines, Leaders, Tippets & Hooks

FLY TYING ~ Tools, Materials, Tying & Fly-Tying Recipes

BAITFISH ~ Bunker (menhaden), Shad, Squid, Eels, Mummichogs and More

LETHAL LURES ~ Alteration & Creation: Tins, Plugs & Soft Plastics

SPECIES ~ Striped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, Porgies, Blackfish, Sea Bass; Trout: brook, rainbow, brown—Bass: largemouth, smallmouth—Bluegills, Perch and other panfish

VESSELS ~ Kayaks, Canoes, Inflatables & Powerboats





A Unique Guide for Both the Beginner and Veteran Chef

Plus Budget-Friendly Tools and Equipment for Making Life Easier in the Kitchen

All new recipes include soups, salads, meat, poultry, fin and shellfish along with explicit instruction.


Fourteen (14) traditional Asian fare recipes will introduce you to some of the world's most popular dishes from China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.


A Unique Guide for Both the Beginner and Veteran Cook

50 Outstanding Recipes ~ Low-Cost Equipment ~ Savvy and Savory Tips ~ Color Photos.

ON YOUR WAY TO COOKING GOURMET is a unique guide with the beginner in mind, geared to facilitate step-by-stop Lessons in Learning, which will carry over smartly into subsequent recipes. The more advanced practitioner of the culinary arts will find this guide illuminating as it borrows from the basics and expands upon the extensive knowledge derived from two Old World countries, blending and creating a perfect balance between the cuisines of Italy and France . . . and beyond.




Making Decent Money Writing
Plus Little-Known Reward-Reaping Benefits


A Unique Twelve-Lesson Writing Course Covering the Basics and Beyond

Learn the Building Blocks to Writing Well

Color-Coded for Easy Comprehension


Literary Tools & Tricks of the Trade

Grammar Covered in an Unintimidating Manner

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Organizing Paragraphs

Freelancing Articles

Writing Your First Novel

The All-Important Query Letter

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