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My gratitude goes to the following flagship subscribers: Professor Emeritus Robert Dore ~ Edward & Betty Fitch ~ Geoffrey Freeman ~ Lee Hanwick ~ Richard & Nancy Roberts ~ Dr. Luce Skrabanek ~ Joann Zenewitz. Their support helped make this project take flight.

As an award-winning novelist and outdoors writer, I present the following:

Fighting Back & Winning
A Consumer Guide

I wrote this publication because I saw a need to educate frustrated folks who were being ripped off by companies and concerns that thought they could get away with such acts. I was once one of those people—until I learned, through trial and error, How to Fight Back & Win! I have settled matters for myself and others amounting to ten of thousands of dollars. Knowledge is power.

The Art of Writing and Publishing Fiction & Nonfiction (Basic to Advanced)
A Home Writing Course

I scribed this treatment because I would like to see those of you who wish to become writers to go about the process intelligently—not get ripped off in the bargain. Too, how to get your book published for hundreds, not thousands of dollars.


This is a subscription to unprecedented Course/Guides. Too, there is no obligation to select any additional Course/Guide. Our most popular Guide to date is Fighting Back & Winning.

Here is what folks are saying about my unique Course/Guides: "The tips alone in the editor's column in Fighting Back & Winning are worth the subscription price. Furthermore, Robert’s articles are staggering!"

The cost to you for a subscription to any of the following Course/Guides—Fighting Back & Winning; The Art of Writing and Publishing Fiction & Nonfiction (Basic to Advanced)—is $199 [10% discount for multiple subscriptions].

There are no other publications like these out there. Trust me. Believe me. Please continue reading to learn exactly why.

It is the intent of these Course/Guides to educate, entertain, and make or save you considerable dollars. Depending on the category you choose, the content is based on 40 to 50 years of trial-and-error experience.

Determined by the publication you select, these instructional Course/Guides promise to do one or more of the following: save you time and frustration; make or save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars! How so? you're questioning.

First, the short answer:

Fighting Back & Winning is a guidepost that most lawyers do not want you to follow because they wish to litigate on your behalf—and for big bucks! However, the majority of disputes can be argued by you for a fraction of what it would cost in attorney fees. In every featured article, witness through actual back and forth correspondence and documentation how I fought and recouped many thousands of dollars for myself as well as other folks. Discern how I battled and won wars against such giants as the New York Office of Child Support Enforcement ($23,122.70); Internal Revenue Service ($605.53); Toyota/Capital One Bank ($801.86), coupled with a second major New York bank [redacted re a settlement agreement] ($3,520.00); Sea Ray Boats/Brunswick Corporation, the largest boat manufacturing corporation in the world ($3,783.12); Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning Company (free oil burner cleaning service valued at $125.00); Del Monte Foods/College Inn Brand, conjoined with the United States Food and Drug Administration ($25.00). Note: This was a long battle over principles and public safety—not money; Hampton Jitney ($37.00); New York State’s Saltwater Fishing License matter. Note: My published articles referencing arguments against the unfair licensing had been placed in then Senator Brian X. Foley’s bill file. The baton has been picked up by Senator Lee Zeldin, pledging to continue the battle for the recreational fishermen; New York/New Jersey banks' mishandling of interest on Certificates of Deposit ($49.73); Kaufman Carpet Company ($1,122.86); Guardian World Wide Moving & Storage Company coupled with Certified Moving & Storage Company ($1,800.00); Tappan Appliances ($621.82); L.L.Bean's "Rotten" Return Policy re a deteriorated five-piece Adirondack set ($635.00 — L.L.Bean claims: "Our products are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction. Return anything purchased from us at any time if it proves otherwise. We do not want you to have anything from L.L.Bean that is not completely satisfactory." L.L. Bean’s guarantee is untrue when it comes to high-ticket items. I had to fight with the company several times to in order to receive partial reimbursement. The battle continues for a balance of $160.00, plus ancillary expenses; United States Navy's negligence in initially failing to take the necessary steps to clean up Peconic River’s toxic plume in Calverton, Long Island, New York. Note: To date, the Navy is moving in a positive direction (projected amount for cleanup: many millions of $’s); Natural History Magazine, Inc., affiliated with the Museum of Natural History, New York. Natural History Magazine publisher receives Notice of Judgment from the Civil Court of the City of New York ($909.63—battle ensues to collect); Federal Trade Commission vs. Commerce Planet ($900,000.00). Informant offered a bonus.

Note: With regard to the final entry listed above, I’m certain you will find it interesting to learn that the soldier who fired the first deadly shot at the unscrupulous marketing group, Commerce Planet, [charged by the FTC for scamming consumers] is the same soldier, Mr. Edward Fitch, who I assisted re the New York Office of Child Support Enforcement ($23,122.70) / Internal Revenue Service ($605.53) matter. Edward's action resulted in the federal agency seeking a judgment from Commerce Planet and its principals in an amount exceeding $900,000.00. Allow me to repeat that amount: $900,000.00. The informer was rewarded for his efforts.

Monies listed above total in the millions of dollars.

Who says you can’t fight City Hall? All but two of the aforementioned matters have been satisfactorily resolved. Referencing L.L.Bean and Natural History Magazine, Inc., these remaining battles have only just begun. "Our products are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction. Return anything purchased from us at any time if it proves otherwise. We do not want you to have anything from L.L.Bean that is not completely satisfactory." Learn how you, too, can deal with companies and agencies that display apathy, arrogance, defiance, untrustworthiness and incompetence. Follow my step-by-step models and commentaries. Win both the battle and the war against unconscionable businesses and agencies—big and small.

As a bonus for subscribing, you will immediately learn a valuable piece of information that will net (if not you, either someone in your family or a friend) a nice piece of change that a person is by state law entitled to; and you or they won’t even have to fight for it. I recently received a check for $335.18; my better half received $371.35. The last subscriber received a check for $1,700.00.

The Art of Writing and Publishing Fiction & Nonfiction (Basic to Advanced) is a tutorial that will put you at the top of your game. The GUIDE will provide the necessary building blocks to hone your craft. A skilled carpenter carries a box filled with specific tools to ply his trade. Master the writing skills necessary to succeed by subscribing to this unique guide.

The instruction will also include basic to advanced grammar, presented in a palatable, easy-to-understand format. Guides such as these would cost hundreds of dollars to well over a grand. It is a poor dog that cannot wag its own tail; therefore, I must tell you that I was evaluated as a “gifted teacher” by the chairperson of the college English Department. I enjoyed a 98.8% effective rate in having my students pass the City University of New York Writing Assessment Test. My credentials speak volumes.

The following is not pie in the sky. Start by mastering writing techniques; proceed to making money by conducting interviews and writing articles for publication; then journey forward to new heights: the short story, novelette, novella, and on to your first full-length novel. As an award-winning writer, I'll take you there, employing models interspersed with instructional commentary derived from my published articles and award-winning novels. To date, I have had four psychological thrillers published: No Stranger Than I, The Author (a two-volume set), The Teacher, and Knots. I have interviewed such folks as Frank Mundus (world-renowned shark fisherman and the template for Captain Quint in the movie Jaws); Frank's wife, Jenny Mundus; and Jon Dodd, the new owner of Mundus' famed Cricket II. I had these interviews published and made good money. You can, too.

Lack the basic writing skills necessary to communicate effectively? If so, you will not be taken seriously. In The Art of Writing and Publishing Fiction & Nonfiction (Basic to Advanced), you will learn how to avoid pitfalls most common to poor sentence structure—for example: run-ons, fragments, and comma splices. However, we will refrain from using these as well as many other confounding terms, terms that tend to intimidate rather than teach. Elements such as coordinating conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions, adverbial conjunctions, misplaced modifiers, et cetera, are placed adjacent to less offensive wording and employed in lieu of convoluted language. I have designed a guide that painlessly explains what you need to know in order to write clearly and effectively. Having taught college English and related composition courses for over a decade, my students had repeatedly said, "I have learned more in a single semester than I had in four years of high school." Believe it.

You will acquire the knowledge and skill in executing the all-important mechanics of composing powerful prose: smooth syntax, simple to sophisticated sentence structure, organization, style, et cetera. I will not tolerate the blustering elements of composition to terrorize you, for you are going to learn how to boil water before you begin to cook. Everything is easy once you know how. I present otherwise often boring—sometimes horrifying—grammar lessons within the context of unintimidating presentations.

Most importantly, tips on the querying process for both fiction and nonfiction will be covered in detail.

Many how-to magazine articles, manuals and books are filled with redundant, repetitive, and often convoluted language. How many times have you asked yourself: What is the writer saying? What does that mean? Perhaps you thought that the advice offered up in such publications could have been written in fewer words, that it was not necessary for the writer to go on endlessly . . . ad infinitum . . . ad nauseam. Conversely, perhaps you found that the piece did not cover the topic thoroughly, leaving you with several unanswered questions. In this instance, quite possibly an editor's limited space allotment might have been the issue. Too, many times editors will not permit what they believe to be a writer’s biased opinion, or what a publisher feels is the appearance of blatant advertising, insisting that the author of the piece give equal time to competitors’ products. I cut to the core of my topics—clearly, succinctly, yet completely, and, above all, honestly.

The text will be printed on 24 lb. white linen paper with a #14 font size for easy-on-the-eyes readability. You will find my Course/Guides quite unique and their approach innovative.

Now, for the long answer:

Fighting Back & Winning

Being taken advantage of, taken to the cleaners, or raked over the coals? Learn how to Fight Back and Win! Save yourself an inordinate amount of time, unnecessary aggravation, and considerable monies. Especially in today's economy, this guide will prove an invaluable tool. This is one of our most popular guides.

It is the express purpose of this guide to teach how to figuratively bludgeon businesses—be they private enterprises, conglomerates, or governmental agencies—that take unfair advantage of their customers and/or the general public. The ammunition needed will be brought to light through your subscription. The content will be brutally and disarmingly honest, arming you with the necessary knowledge and weapons in order to defend against unscrupulous practices. For example, the gamut may range from a home-heating oil company’s incompetence in sending out an inexperienced person to service a customer’s burner—resulting in minor damages yet major inconvenience—to pointedly taking on the United States Navy for environmental pollution.

Allow me to illustrate a case in which I helped a North Carolina couple resolve a $23,122.70 debt dispute as well as recover $605.53 from the Internal Revenue Service for monies allegedly owed to the New York City Office of Child Support Enforcement. Had a lawyer been retained by Mr. Edward Fitch, it would have cost the man between $20,000 and $30,000 for legal representation. These were the figures quoted during consultation. Ludicrous! On two fronts, armed with a single letter, learn how I succeeded in having Mr. Fitch’s $23,122.70 debt eradicated. Additionally, the Internal Revenue Service stopped harassing the man and immediately returned $605.53 garnished from his IRS refund.

Was this matter some sort of “misunderstanding,” or are cases like this part of an ongoing practice via an instrument that empowers the New York City Office of Child Support Enforcement and the Internal Revenue Service to circumvent the law?

In a minor skirmish involving the Federal Trade Commission, I succeeded in resolving yet another matter for Edward Fitch. Again, armed with a single letter, I brought about a satisfactory conclusion for the gentleman. No casualties. No collateral damage—at least not on that front. Commerce Planet was charged by the FTC for scamming consumers. Edward’s action resulted in the federal agency seeking a judgment from Commerce Planet and its principals in an amount exceeding $900,000.

You will hear how a single soldier’s battle cry led the charge and stopped the enemy (Commerce Planet) in its tracks. Nevertheless, I wanted to see more than just a Distinguished Service Medal metaphorically pinned to this soldier’s chest. I wanted to see the man receive a monetary reward for his courageous and inexhaustible efforts.

Having designed and instructed college-level adult education classes, Consumer Advocacy: How to Fight Back and Win, students frequently stated, in sum and substance, that they learned more in a single evening than they had in weeks of related programs! Fighting Back & Winning is a step-by-step guide aimed at turning you into a heavyweight.

Subscribe to Fighting Back & Winning today, and you will be highly enlightened and entertained tomorrow. You will receive well-documented, firsthand accounts of monies and merchandise that I recouped for others as well as for myself—dollars and goods that would have gone by the wayside if not for a bit of ingenuity. You will read revealing reports of past and present chicanery committed by unconscionable souls, including how I dealt with these offenders in order to reach a favorable outcome. You will view actual letters, interspersed with commentary. They are models and the magic with which you will learn how to fight back—and win!

You won’t always read about such accounts in your local newspapers or magazines for a number of reasons. For example, certain publications may not allow for controversial stories to share the same pages as their advertisers. Another instance might be the need for an editor to abridge a rather extensive piece as when one of our local newspapers, The Riverhead News-Review, briefly covered one of my stories in approximately two pages. However, I wanted the reader to know all the facts, and how I combated two companies, which would have necessitated going into several pages. An editor’s space allotment simply might not allow for that. Now, suppose I wanted to show you actual back-and-forth correspondences between me and an unscrupulous company, instruct you on how to fight back and avoid pitfalls that I encountered along the way, mistakes I made and how to correct them once realized. I would, indeed, need many more pages to cover story and commentary thoroughly. That’s what you’ll receive in Fighting Back & Winning—the complete picture.

A personal, polite but firm letter addressing grievances usually nips unfair practices in the bud. However, when this approach fails, you have other means at your disposal. Learn how to bring attention to bad behavior and/or unscrupulous practices. However, if the courts become the necessary vehicle, you will learn how to handle yourself in small claims, civil, and even Supreme Court! The dissemination of such information will be presented in Fighting Back & Winning—a massive war club with which to cudgel culprits, unscrupulous business owners, and/or corporate bullies into some sort of sense and sensibility.

The Art of Writing and Publishing Fiction & Nonfiction (Basic to Advanced)

A portion of this writing course gives prominence to The Art of Writing and Publishing Fiction & Nonfiction (Basic to Advanced)—offering techniques for creating powerful prose and quite candid advice on getting published. Figuratively speaking, a good writer has a plethora of tools at his or her disposal — metaphors, similes, analogies; personification, alliteration (assonance, consonance) — to name but a few. Learn how to employ these tools to their full advantage. To date, as an award-winning novelist, I have had four works published: No Stranger Than I, The Author, The Teacher, and Knots. Excerpts from my psychological thrillers, along with instructional commentaries, will accompany each issue. The Art of Writing and Publishing Fiction & Nonfiction (Basic to Advanced) will include instruction on article writing and interviewing personalities. I have interviewed such folks as Frank Mundus (world-renowned shark fisherman and the template for Captain Quint in the movie Jaws; Frank’s wife, Jenny Mundus; and Jon Dodd, the new owner of Mundus’ famed Cricket II. Commentaries on the interview process along with publishing venues will be included. Most importantly, tips on the querying process for both fiction and nonfiction will be included.

* * * * * * * * * *

If any one or more of these two subjects sound appealing, then these course/guides are definitely for you. They are designed to save you money, help build self-confidence, instill self-improvement, and offer enjoyment while enriching the lives and well-being of men, women and young adults. Select from the following three categories: Fighting Back & Winning; The Art of Writing and Publishing Fiction & Nonfiction (Basic to Advanced)
Please send payment of $199 per Course/Guides — a 10% discount is applied to multiple subscriptions — for a subscription of choice for invaluable knowledge that, depending on the Course/Guides you choose, will do one or more of the following: introduce you to the good life; save you time and frustration; make or save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars! If you hate being taken advantage of and would love learning how to fight back intelligently with remarkable results, wish to master writing skills and enjoy literature, you’ll benefit from being a subscriber. Choose among these two Course/Guides that suit your needs and interests.

All the best,
Bob Banfelder

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