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Knots (First E-Book Edition Released in September 2011 by Broadwater Books)
      Antagonist Kalvin Matheson, enamored by the deadly acts of Malcolm Columba and Clarence Emery—his two dearly departed serial killer “pals”—embarks on a single-minded mission to follow in his heroes’ footsteps. It is Kalvin Matheson’s intent to have himself and his identical dead twin brother, Alvin, for openers, via the advancements in groundbreaking technology immixed dubious promises made by both Reality, Incorporated and its parent company, Clonite.
      Whereas Reality borders on the lunatic fringe, Clonite is well-respected and immersed in mainstream science. But now that Clonite has supposedly cloned the first human being, Reality is taking on a new dimension—one of unparalleled proportion. Police authorities have every reason to believe that both Malcolm Columba and Clarence Emery were deeply involved with those two groups, giving homicide detectives a possible lead to their serial killer’s identity. However, Reality’s member list is kept as secret as Clonite’s laboratories and client list. Now that Clonite is on the brink of success, the one-time, up-front, ground floor fee is one million dollars for the promise of everlasting life, though one must patiently wait for the technology to become available and the procedure perfected. The pot is proverbially sweetened by Bishop John, of the Reality Church, who offers Kalvin two for the price of one. Consequently, bodies suddenly expire like a two-for-one-sale—involving insurance schemes perpetrated by the out-of-work antagonist in an attempt to raise one million dollars. In the meantime, Kalvin Matheson has both his and Alvin’s healthy, living cells stored safely in one of Clonite’s laboratories. Suffolk County Homicide must locate and surreptitiously weed through both organizations’ lists in the hope of finding the killer. Clonite has been supporting Reality with dollars and a propaganda machine for almost forty years. The enormous success behind the company and church’s operation is that faith, for many, is ostensibly no longer steeped in some sort of mystic belief or myth. “A human clone has been created,” or so Clonite is telling the world. But a faction within the scientific community believes that the company cannot—at this point in time—deliver. Skeptics feel that Clonite will be unable to furnish DNA proof of such a claim, saying that in the penultimate hour the alleged parents of the clone will not submit to tests for fear the courts would take the child away, or excuses along those lines. But what is ultimately important to Kalvin Matheson is that Clonite package and provide immortality for both him and Alvin, as promised by the bishop. Hope springs eternal in the madman’s mind, as Kalvin is the last of his line. As Kalvin murders for money and, just as importantly, thrills, homicide detectives follow clues that lead them down a primrose path to the hour in which they arrest their prime suspect, only to learn that the madman is actually his twin brother, Alvin—not Kalvin Matheson. Protagonist Justin Barnes, Suffolk County police’s covert operative—along with the support of Team Three’s homicide squad—vie against police hierarchy in a decision to end the life of this serial killer who would undoubtedly beat the system by being found insane, eventually cured, they fear, then released back into society. In the darkest hour, the team and Justin win out, cleverly devising a way in which Alvin Matheson will take his own life
The Author (Released in April 2007 by Port Town Publishing)
      When two murders occur on Long Island, and another in Old Town, Maine, seasoned homicide detectives note certain similarities--and come up with a bizarre motive for the killing spree. Is it possible that an eco-terrorist is punishing the people he deems responsible for environmental pollution by claiming the lives of their loved ones in retaliation? Even more compelling, it appears that factions within federal, state, and local governments are looking the other way while a Mafia don and his crew work the parameters of the case.
      Serial killer Malcolm Columba is like none before him. He is ruthless, sadistic, vicious--and he is the author and architect of an operation that safely places Bureau agents within the ranks of extremist groups around the globe.
      As alien as the killer himself is the man who ultimately hunts him down. An unlikely vigilante with a vengeance, Justin Barnes searches unrelentingly for the madman in a race to the finish, ultimately destroying a sinister force hellbent on securing an encoded document that promises to imperil the very supremacy of the United States.
The Teacher (Released in June 2006 by Port Town Publishing)
      The American intelligence community is retooling, and so is the way in which Suffolk County’s commanding officer of homicide, Detective Lieutenant Theodore Groche, conducts day-to-day business.
      Earlier in time, covert operative, Justin Barnes, helped dismantle a global terrorist network and terminated its leader, serial killer Malcolm Columba. Two years have elapsed; Columba’s protégé, serial murderer Clarence Emery, has surfaced. Whereas a faction of the feds initially felt compelled to overlook Columba’s plausible penchant for murder, Emery, known as The Teacher—a terrifying figure, often befriending before butchering his victims, up close and very personal—has every law enforcement agency in the country on high alert.
      Sanctioned by a hierarchy, shrouded in secrecy, Justin Barnes’ mission is to hunt down and terminate Clarence Emery. But who is hunting who? Justin and his beautiful associate, Jacqueline Rubino, ultimately ask themselves.
      Two women are found murdered at Pipes Cove in Greenport, Long Island, New York, which unquestionably has Emery’s signature. Emery is quickly apprehended. Too quickly to satisfy Justin’s sixth sense. And rightfully so. For no sooner than Emery is transferred to Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center on Ward’s Island off Manhattan, the psychopath informs its director, Dr. Timothy Littleton, that he “won’t be staying long.” It gradually becomes crystal clear to the psychiatrist that the killer had planned his own capture and release. Littleton realizes that he has but little choice than to help Emery escape. Hence, the game of cat and mouse begins.
      Clarence Emery can hardly wait to match wits with the black American maverick enforcer. Justin Barnes, in turn, obsesses on the moment when the madman and he will finally meet—face-to-face.
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No Stranger Than I (Released in 1990 by Hudson View Press)
      No Stranger Than I is a psychological thriller detailing the metamorphosis of a young, abused, and battered child into that of a multiple murderer and personality. It is the depiction of a boy subjected to a curious mix of care and cruelty by his deranged mother. Magic, hypnosis, and ventriloquism are the cogent symptoms that lead this young man to discover his divided selves. It is a compelling look at madness in the making.
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