Reviews for No Stranger Than I

“Mr. Banfelder must have done a lot of research on schizophrenic killers, ventriloquism, voodoo and ancient Egyptian mummification because it is all here in the story of Richard Geist—plus a few interesting chapters on U.S. Marine boot camp. The book covers the territory explored in Silence of the Lambs and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but with its own twists and turns.”
      - Jan Silver, reviewer, Dan’s Papers

Read the book slowly so that you can savor each line. With an extraordinary gift for the written word, it is as if the artist is at work with a palette and brush before a monumental canvas. All the colors are vibrant and natural; sentences actually sing; pure poetry is in motion. The only critical comment that I could honestly make about this first novel is that it ended. No Stranger Than I is brilliant.
      - Geraldine Kammerman,
      editor and publisher, North Shore News

Only Earl Thompson’s Garden of Sand has come as close to rendering the hands-on, unrelenting hurt and horror of a young American life.
      - Wallace Markfield, author of To An Early Grave,
      Teitlebaum’s Window, and You Could Live If They Let You

No Stranger Than I is a marvelous novel, beautifully rounded structurally with unbroken suspense and its premise, ever present of tragedy. The style and wit are thoroughly fascinating, endlessly pleasing, and even awesome in power. I really savored the pathos and humor.
      - Robert D. Crozier, Ph.D., Hemingway scholar